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  1. Haha funny didn’t even realize I have 69 yeah im open to PayPal not a big deal if it’s a good offer why not.
  2. Hello I’ve been on the forums for awhile now I’m selling my main due to only playing Ironman now and would like the money from the account to put towards services account has up to ds2 done has quest cape haven’t done the few new quest that have came out since ds2 Has fire cape also no real wealth to list on the account I am the original owner of this account can provide you with original email also comes with account. Bids will start at 100 mill a/w is not available will end it when I feel comfortable
  3. kidsteeze


    Bought 10 mill was flawless
  4. Need prices and a rough time frame would be awesome hand done service thanks
  5. need full anglers outfit. lvl 3 55 fishing
  6. Looking for prices on someone to steal 500 cakes for me on my ironman account its not a HCIM
  7. good to still see alot of the same people around guys!
  8. yoo bro Im backw hats up


  9. Hello guys took along break but I am back how is everyone doing and been?
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