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  1. I dont know if there is even a market for endgame irons notable things are 99con 99 farming 2080~total kodai, rapier, blade, full justi, hunleff pet, full bandos i am not O/O, but O/O is a trusted person on this site with hundreds and hundreds of positive feedback that I bought from 2+ years ago.
  2. As this guy mentioned, I just purchased the script and its getting stuck every 20 seconds and seems like its bugging out. My client is on fixed mode, I don't know what's going on. Edit: Got it to work, but it was getting stuck on random items. Pet rock, for example.
  3. So its recommended on here to only bot ~4 hours max in a day for "safe" botting. I assume this recommendation is for people on new accounts they aren't necessarily wanting a ban on. So as a good example, say you make a fresh level 3 account and go to wintertodt on it. Would you recommend botting 4 hours then manual 4 hours? Or only bot 4 hours then log off for the day? Sorry if that doesn't make very much sense. Cheers
  4. May I also try out the agility script? Tyvm^^
  5. Wouldn't recommend, the customer support won't let me order thru my verified paypal because they assume I have a proxy up. I told them my location and they said it's a "high risk area" for proxies and vpn.
  6. libirator

    Fruity NMZ

    Does this script have to be used in mirror mode? Or what's the advantage to mirror mode?
  7. LOL that's amazing. Give me 1 day to nature run the 1m (I sold literally everything, except for a good 200k worth.) I appreciate it lmfao
  8. What's a relatively good break timer setting? Needing to bot agility to 70 for Sara
  9. I like lobster dog. It's the greatest picture on the internet that isn't a female. [Google image Lobster dog ] ohohohoh, and the community. Well, forums. I love forms. Even tho my post count is retardedly low
  10. Gear - Glory, barrow gloves, d boots, dh, recoil eft. 70/85/70/94/70/70 96cb
  11. Ended up getting 4 sets off the guy, making 10m+ profit in 30 minutes. Good day (Already picked up legs)
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