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  1. snowek

    7qp F2P Quester

    a few hiccups but if you babysit it a little, works pretty damn good to this day
  2. snowek


    Interested in buying 16m? or bulk only
  3. Does it have to be 200m at once? Looking to sell 16m
  4. script is fire, both for RoD fires and abyss nats. only problem is i've been banned multiple times from this script alone, makes my purchase kind of a waste as using this on an account with any previous offense is a deathwish.
  5. something like this -> http://prntscr.com/ak56m3 ? or am i completely in the wrong direction? edit: the getState() was fucked in the beginning but i fixed it
  6. hello, i recently started writing scripts after having a huge interest in them since i was a kid, and since i started taking programming in school i am starting to understand the basics. so far after following tutorials i made a sardine fisher that could pretty much only drop the whole inventory and stop. what i want to work on is making a fly-fisher that banks exclusively at edgeville. as i type now i should be able to code the actual fishing, but banking.. i just have no idea how to approach it (how would i walk to the bank? open it? only deposit trout/salmon?) any advice or tutorials to point me in the right direction would be really appreciated!
  7. congratulations on getting it back, its nice to have a relic of the past.
  8. snowek

    iron ore

    sharks have been skyrocketting, i wanna get my fishing up badly
  9. congratulations! time to start botting on a new account for you
  10. thank you all for the warm welcome, makes me feel great!
  11. snowek


    aren't we all trying to get good tbh.. its a struggle
  12. so i made this account a while ago, lurked forever, and just have been botting. but i decided i would start to be more active and give back to the community that has provided so much for me.. so a little about myself, im 20 years old, go to Albany for comp science, hopefully i will start dabbing into writing scripts since its very relevant to my career choice.. but besides that, i don't do much, just play osrs (a lot legit too) and league of legends.. so, thanks again and here's to a good day
  13. i guess ill babysit extra harder?
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