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  1. 4 year old account received a two day ban 3 weeks ago and only been botting over the weekends
  2. Nice little one for you from last night
  3. @Chris a couple of times in the last few hours the bot has died and then gone to lumby bank and then the script has stopped. It will stand there with 2 house tabs in the invent but doesn't do anything. This is the progress report its showing -
  4. I use dhcb with the Luna portal and alter in my house. I use 3 ppots as I average 4-6 kills a trip and then bot for around 60-80 minutes with 10 minute break. just because I already have a 2 day ban I’m currently only botting on the weekends
  5. Im 99 range and 95 magic with 81 def 96 hp. What gp/hr could i expect from this script using bp with addy darts and trident ?
  6. I strongly recommend this script. just look at my progress
  7. Im only averaging 18-20k and hour doing Lava runes ? Am i doing something wrong ?
  8. Any chance of a free trial please
  9. Been running all those kills on one account I literally bot for 1-2 hours and have 15 minute breaks and have left it running now for over a week. I havent recieved a ban and tbh the bot doesnt even seem bot like, which it would be hard to with vorkath anyway! Strongly worth investing in the bot mate
  10. Got the pet ! Then got it again 20 kills later! Love this script cannot recommend it enough - See below !!!!
  11. Yes i am running it with the latest one And it has only happened once with the potions, it was at bank saying there was no Anti Venom and then logged out. When i logged in there was Anti venom (3) (2) (1) all in the bank I have just made sure that i have an excess amount now in the Bank. On average the bot does 3-5 kills a trip
  12. Th death counter is also broken. Everytime i die it will count as 2 on the progress screen ? Could you look at that when you get a chance as well Loving the script though just want the pet!
  13. Is there any chance you could make the bot start to use (3) dose potions after there is no (4) left? As when it runs out there will be like 100 (3) in the bank and it stops? Dont know how hard this would be to do ?
  14. My review of this script - Script works very well and hardly ever breaks. At 94 range I was making 1.1-1.4 an hour using a blowpipe with rude darts. Using the DHCB i was making 1.6-2m and hour. I have been using the script now for 4-5 days botting like 16 hours a day and made over 100m! I would strongly recommend this script and grinding to get an account do it on P.S could i have the link to make myself a banner please @Chris
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