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  1. Title says it all, I can do all sort of jobs. Fire capes, questing, levelling and a few minigames. Feel free to add me on discord: Jam#1830
  2. Have you read & agreed to my ToS*? : Yes Age? : 18m Do you agree to discuss about the deposit? : Yes. What is your Discord ? : Jam#1830 What are you applying for? (Powerleveller/Quester/Minigames/Account Builder) : Powerleveller. Do you have any experience with a service? : No. If yes, are you willing to supply proof in PM / Discord? :
  3. I’m planning on quitting playing on my main
  4. i’m also in the learning phase Currently hand training my mule for when I start botting. I’m also checking lots of guides out to start a bot farm anytime soon, also I have no clue what to do with my main account at the moment.
  5. Good luck, how is it going so far?
  6. Thank you! I will use this when I'm going to start botting.
  7. Hey, this is my introduction and my first post :). I'm currently handtraining accounts but I might get in to botting anytime soon! If anyone has some tips for me feel free to react under this post or dm me.
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