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  1. No i take custom orders and currently everything is hand made
  2. whats the worth of a hand made mithril gloves account?
  3. ok i sure will invest as soon as i can
  4. ok man i guess ill be investing soon then
  5. ah ok thanks man so would you say its worth getting
  6. i was wondering if its worth getting VIP osbot for the mirror mode because ive heard the bans are higher in inject
  7. ah ok no worries so just stay away from free to play
  8. hey i was wondering what would the ban rates be using this in F2P rather than P2P?
  9. now thats impressive someone get angry for making the place alot more safe now thats impressive my god same dont blame you is fun
  10. damn i really dont know why people are such dick when driving when so many people can be hurt but good to see your mostly ok and have a new car
  11. those are the really cool one not going to lie i had a mate with one of those theyre so fun and yeah hopefully they start giving it to general people soon
  12. nice what you work as to get the vaccine? what bird you got?
  13. Oh nice really love getting up at 5am or going to sleep then both are fun lol but my days going well had a decent sleep then been playing games all day
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