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  1. agreed, my 2 accounts made enough in 2 days to get a bond, moved them to members world and holy smokes, its even more insane on members lol. it really matters where and how you set it up to be effective though. standing around the ge is cool and all but felt super random. but there are other ways to use this that make it not so random.
  2. used for 2 days now, just want to say thanks again for the script! average around 700k/hr on 2 accounts, took a while to find a sweet spot and settings... but once i did... the income is rolling in consistently and less total rng like at the ge. Lol.
  3. I tried restarting it multiple times while i had the trial going and even with it already in my inventory it just kept on trying to get more clues. trial is is probably over by now so unfortunately wont be able to test it more. thanks for letting me try it though, sad i couldn't get it to work.
  4. TY for the trial! purchased! ^_^
  5. Thanks, i guess i mis understood what this script was for.. its just to find clue scrolls, doesnt actually solve them? both the jar and the falador guard options just keep killing or buying / opening even after finding a clue.
  6. Nothing extra necessary. just need a 70 att, 70 str, 70 def. willing to pay osgp or paypal if trusted. shoot me your prices or add on discord FRAG#6080
  7. Hi, can i please get a trial period for this? thank you!
  8. Sorry, like i said i am new to all of this... So what im doing is equipping my mage gear > clicking load magic gear > confirm. then switch to range gear > load range gear> confirm. this is likely on my end as im not really sure on how to set it up properly. please let me know if what i am doing is incorrect. Thank you!
  9. may i have a trial please? tired of doing these clue scrolls manually, would be interested in buying this! on the grind for those ranger boots. Lmao
  10. Hi, new here and new to the script. it is working, however it is banking all of my range gear (or mage gear, whichever i dont have equipped at the time) even though i have clicked and confirmed "load magic/range equipment". the "magic only" box is unchecked. i dont see anything else in the options to allow me to change anything else. again, the script works with just my magic gear even though i am asking it to do both (just making for slow kills) @Fruity
  11. Liked! may i have a trial please? trying to decide between the two available pest control scripts. thank you!
  12. worked okay, was banned very quickly though. pretty popular spot for mages bursting and also passerbys boss killing. better luck to those after me.
  13. Nvm. decided to just purchase.
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