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  1. https://discord.gg/T3FbQSXhmA Script is free on the SDN as of right now. Skillerkido is going to make it 12.99USD afaik soon
  2. Possible to get trial?
  3. Just a battlestaff with fire spell.
  4. Seems like only ibans staff is supported? Unable to do usual battlestaffs as the script will deposit the runes
  5. Looking to buy a decent main account. Needs atleast: 90atk, str, def, mage Other than that idc, ddef + arc/darklight would be nice.
  6. Running this for a few hours on my ironman. Will write comments as I go. 1. Seems you have to start at the Tempoross area, tried from Lumbridge and then right next to the ferry to Tempoross to check(maybe add walking to the area at the start) 2. First try bot got stuck at the boat no movement, logs spammed no available fishing area + picking up items. Forfeited and restarted with same settings and it's going strong so far! 3. Seems to have a major issue with fires, guessing that when its running to a zone either doesn't check for fires or something similar? Maybe you could make
  7. How long do you reckon before this is added to the SDN? Would be awesome to get.
  8. jd556bt


    Seems to be issues with osminer and Bot manager, the script exits in error. Would you be able to assist? Bot manager: osminer selected in task, parameter: config osbot starts, script logs in and exits in error. #Mon Feb 15 13:21:40 CET 2021 Max\ Loop\ Speed=250 Location=Rimmington Stick\ Start\ Tile=false Sandstone\ Grinder=false Custom\ Rocks=false Stop\ Level=0 Ore=Copper Drop\ Method=Normal Hover\ Next\ Ore=false Shift\ Dropping=false Bank=Port Sarim - Deposit World\ Hop\ Type=BOTH Fatigue=false Mode=Drop Min\ Loop\ Speed=150 World\ Hop=false
  9. Thanks! I think I found an issue with the digsite pendant teleport, mine just keeps on using the necklace repeadetly until the charges is spent.
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