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  1. I figured so... I had to start over and reinstall Crouton, now I'm having trouble launching the Crouton installer through terminal. I seemed to be able to move the installer to "/usr/local/bin" but the sudo command to run it isnt registering
  2. Ok, so I just enabled developer mode and installed Crouton, and I'm getting ready to install Java. Will setting it up then running OSBot this way function properly? (mirror mode, connectivity, script function) Or is this somewhat of a trial and error or test for me?
  3. Before you ask, yes I had a pc to run it on. Why I don’t anymore? Well this is what happens when you have to stay in for New Years Eve with all your friends because of COVID and well, alcohol. So yea waiting on a new case and graphics card which are hard to find these days. For the next 2 weeks, can I install or run OSBot on a Chromebook via Linux the same way I installed the OSRS client itself? Can’t seem to find any info about this. If so, what is the process?
  4. I'd like to request a trial please. Already have your PC and Wintertodt scripts and love them!
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