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  1. 75 attack pure comes with sotd. never been banned. has 25 quest points including avas device and bear head. also no email attached
  2. can i get a trail?
  3. Hi , could you auth me please? Thank you.
  4. i always pay with bonds and sometimes its a 2 day ban, i think it will depend more on how old the account is and what you were botting. if they think youre gold farming its perm ban, if they think youre a semi legit player trying to get some easy lvls its a 2 day ban. thats just my opinion
  5. also banned on some accounts today, havent checked if its 2 day or perm banned yet, but i was kinda expecting it anyways. the last 2 week was fun lol
  6. gg bro, what were you botting before the ban? gl on new account if you make one
  7. monday morning now and still no bans for me on my throw away accounts but the jagex staff still arent back at work so ill update everyone when i know theyve definitely got back
  8. i agree, i never run a script for more than half an hour on accounts that i dont want to loose and it seems to work well. it feels pointless to only run it for half an hour but if you do this everyday for months it adds up to alot. anyway im glad to hear its going well for you bro and i hope you get them 90s to 99! depends what type of script youre running but from my experience i think a 4 hour long botting session is just too long these days
  9. thats what im expecting, any idea on what day they will back back in the office?
  10. so the last week or so ive seen no bans on my accounts which has been a pleasant surprise. i was just wondering if anyone else has had the same, results? maybe its because jagex are off work for the christmas break or am i just getting lucky? also ive noticed some of the highly botted resources are starting to drop in value, could this be the reason why? maybe its a good idea to invest in some of these resources while the prices are low
  11. has to be stealth quester
  12. no, i think it failed to go up the stairs and kill an npc after going in the box to keep le faye. nice script btw, i love it
  13. the beggar wont show at the jewellery shop on the merlins crystal quest and the script just continuously clicks on the door
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