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  1. SCript is horrible. runs around like a maniac and eats all your food before even getting a decent amount of kills. Do this around other players and you'll get a ban from all the clicking spaz running around
  2. Ran for 3 hours yesterday, woke up with a 2 day ban lol
  3. Hey I got banned right when you activated my trial, could I get a re-activation please? lol I'm shopping for a thieving bot
  4. Can I get a trial ? And does this support black jack?
  5. I don't get it? Does it apply automatically before you start an RS client, or does it start after? I'm reading and no place seems to answer this question..
  6. phamxboa

    Perfect Thiever

    lmao thanks!! haha I guess you remember me from my ban post
  7. phamxboa

    Perfect Thiever

    hello can I receive a free trial please?
  8. have you botted coming fresh off a ban before?
  9. So I got back to botting after I got my account macro banned quashed and 2 days later got a 2 day ban for running it 10-12 hours a day. Was wondering if there was a safer method to start botting again without getting caught or flagged? I was running 2 accounts at that time and they both got banned at the same time.
  10. Got the ban hammer after just 2 days ...
  11. So I was botting agility in mirror mode and a paid script (roofs) for only 2 days maybe 10 hours / day.. I also made an account same day and botted on that which was perm banned rather than a 2 day ban. The account with the 2 day ban was previously perm banned 3-4 years ago and was "quashed." Any help/tips/ideas?
  12. Hey , could I try a free trial ?
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