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  1. What do you need? : Fletching 50 (Level 10) Smithing 65 (Level 29) Fire making: 66 Cooking: 70 Herblore: 58 Farming: 50 Crafting: 70 Wood cutting: 70 Rune crafting: 51 Hunter: 60 Thieving 61 Construction 60 Quests: Lost City Tree Gnome Village What lies below Mountain Daughter Dwarf in RFD Enter the Abyss The Ascent of Arceuus Eyes of Glouphrie Monkey Maddness I Going first or middleman? : FirstWhat's your Skype/Discord ID? : toyo!#9970Do you agree to my TOS? : Yes
  2. what's your schedule look like in terms of botting? taking breaks and switching skilling? only using paid scripts from the store? or private?
  3. fuck you

    1. Runnwith


      Have a goodnight~!

  4. except osgp is worth nothing compared to the $3 it used to be
  5. 1. pretty irrelevant when I joined.... I'm an oldfag p****bot user i checked yesterday and my poopbot account was created in 2014. i never made an account on osbot cause i was like fk osbot u guys losers !!! nezz !!! > 2. when i did check up on osbot u guys had like 1000,2000 members on active, so did poopbot shit is fucking dead and it feels bad. pretty ironic since more people are playing osrs
  6. wtf you mean? 5 years ago there used to be 1000+ people on osbot at any given time. shit seems dead f2p emblem hunting 500m/day type of dump?
  7. why is everything dead, why is osgp price so low? why are bots fucking rekt and the fourms too? ive never been a botter, im just here for the lols and the services but wtf happen i made so many good friends and u guys all died feelsbadman
  8. you're a normie

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