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  1. nah i didnt look. shouldnt be hard to re create, it was in edge with a looting bag no teleports and looting almost everything
  2. script is very bot like, will click the ore then return the mouse to the same position every time (underneath my character) even with mouse leave screen and also hover next rock options selected. mouse will leave the screen then come back in and leave it underneath my character
  3. t37c

    Stealth Quester

    no new quests in particular but an option to gather all resources naturally for every quest on the script would be an excellent addition. also how far away are we from seeing new quests added?
  4. I think when the wheel is broken it will deposit the pay dirt, continue to mine pay dirt and when the wheel is fixed the deposited pay dirt goes to the sack filling it up. this happened twice one I had a full inv of pay dirt before it was fixed and it got stuck the other was half an inv of pay dirt so it just ran like 10 trips to the bank to deposit all the ore.
  5. t37c

    Khal AIO Agility

    that worked thank you
  6. t37c

    Khal AIO Agility

    hey great script was working really, i have been using the agility pyramid with no issues. ive had a few days break and now trying to get back into it and the bot wont register the waterskin (4) in my bank. it will walk to the bank even with a full inv of waterskins and just says cant find waterskins stopping bot. im using mirror mode
  7. I'm using mirror mode in edge dungeon with looting bag. The bot doesn't loot anything and I've chosen what to loot in the settings, it just hovers over the loot and doesn't pick it up. am I doing something wrong here?
  8. can confirm the issue above, when the wheel isn't pumping the water the bot just keeps depositing it until the sack and inventory is full, then tries to withdraw the sack with a full inv of paydirt. I had to manually fix this.
  9. how do you set the reaction time and disable break handler? sorry if this is a dumb question ive never used the factory before
  10. t37c

    Stealth Quester

    hey, great bot. is there any chance you can add more supply gathering and walking/spell book teleports between locations for ironmen? thanks
  11. I found using magic or ranged it sorted itself out, my combat is fairly low ~67 i think just low melee stats are the issue
  12. I believe its because of the auto retaliate issue. the bot doesn't identify when its being attacked and continually runs back to where it wants to be (defending knight or at a certain portal) causing it to continually run back and forward causing it to lose activity because its not attacking anything, though even with auto retaliate off it still gets inactive sessions when defending the knight if there isn't much activity around the knight. I cant work out how to add a screenshot but currently my bot has been running 5 hrs and getting 11 points an hour on novice boat because of this.
  13. Hi. Decent script, only has small issues. the brawler one has already been mentioned, the other is it doesn't seem to attempt to keep the activity meter from doing down from time to time. it seems every few games it losses points because it doesn't do enough in the game. is this a common problem or am I doing something wrong. I've tried with attack portals and defend the knight and have the same issue, I also click the only attack monsters option. Another small bug is when its on defend knight mode and it gets attacked from outside the gate it can get stuck in a loop of auto-retaliate mov
  14. t37c

    Exco Herbiboar

    can i get a trial please
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