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  1. Can i get a trial please? thanks!
  2. Can i get a trial please? Thanks!
  3. RestiveRenegade


    just wondering what price range something like this could get, slowly working on more cmbt stats. Has regicide done that's about the only major quest done. I'm also the OO with all the info if that adds any value. https://imgur.com/a/gdLCusx
  4. Yeah mirrormode, but i also got 99 fishing on the account i use so that probably speeds up the points a lil bit. 1 hammer, 3 buckets catch 24 before cooking is my settings im runnin atm
  5. Yeah i havent had the double tether since the update also averaging like 3500-5k points a round for the few i've ran today. definitely running a lil smoother atleast for me lol. Much appreciated!
  6. Def recommend this script finally got to 99 fishing from 20 with this one. 10/10 lol
  7. I ran into that then looked into all the settings. After setting it up lil differently I have gone from 30-67 con no problem. Just bought 20k more oak planks (building oak larders) halfway through the planks no issues.
  8. Can i get a trial please? Thanks!
  9. Could I snag a trial for this? No problems with all the others i've bought from you figured i'd give the fishin one a go. thanks!
  10. Thanks for trial, ended up purchasing it this morning lol. runs super smooth recommend it for anyone thinking about it. Easy money!
  11. Could i get a trial once the update goes live? Thanks!
  12. Trial please? Bought a couple of your scripts so far and been running them few weeks no problem! hoping to buy it this weekend if work picks up
  13. Can i get a trial for this? thinking about getting it this weekend if it runs smoothly
  14. Can i get a trail for the runecrafter? Solid job on the motherlode mining been running it off and on last 4 days no problems at all!
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