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  1. Hi I'd love to try a trial please
  2. Hi can I get a trial on this, please
  3. Hi is it possible to have it send logs with butler to the sawmill before construction? ie sawmill, retrieve planks and do the construction with them? and can I get a trial on this please
  4. Hey, could I get a trial on this please? Thanks!
  5. Hey would I be able to get a trial on this, please? I've seen people post on the other thread but noticed trials are accepted here - apologies to doublepost on it
  6. 99 thieving, firemaking 90+ mining, fishing, ranged 86 hunter, 77 agility full void, fighter torso, d defender, barrows gloves, full graceful
  7. Hey could I have a trial of this? Also, does it work with the woodcutting guild sawmill? thanks
  8. Hey I'm interested in trying this out, could I have a trial, please?
  9. Would love to become a tester, looks dope - more than glad to help with feedback
  10. Hey could I get a trial on this? Very eager to get into it
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