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  1. Mad Jew

    Perfect Thiever

    rogues den fails and triggers floor trap really often at tile 49, if you cud get just that fixed it would complete runs a lot more so happy with this script otherwise!
  2. Mad Jew


    you havnt said anything in 2 months, wassup with the script, you even trying to fix it??
  3. id also like a trial thinking about buying
  4. Mad Jew

    Perfect Thiever

    when pickpocketing ardy knight, the mouse moves between every "pickpocket" click, even when the knight is stuck in one place, wich seems very botlike cus it just could keep mouse in same place like humans do when the npc is stuck in one place.. or if it even moved like only once every 5-10 clicks would be awesome.. EDIT:: just noticed it only does this when i chosed wich specific knight to pickpocket
  5. doesnt support bandits that well.. mouse never leaves screen even if option "move mouse outside screen" is selected, doesnt matter if i have afk training selected or not.. and it will try to drink noted pots aswell if they in bag(noted can be unnoted in store), also tried without noted pots to "logout on next banktrip" (teleport to duel arena with ring, and al kharid bank selected, and banking set to when no more pray pots left) but it failed to teleport and stoped the script and let me die
  6. will this include "move mouse off screen" every now and then to look a lil more legit while alching for example? would be awesome
  7. and yesterday it drank supercombat pots at bandits, today it ignores the combat pots, just drinks prayer pots, with same settings as yesterday, why is this? (only using safespot tile and autoretaliating, bandits not selected on attack list) edit:: after running for over an hour, doing couple of pot drinks manually, it suddenly started drinking pots again by itself
  8. small update suggestion, when afk training for example at bandits, mouse never leaves screen even if the option "move mouse outside screen" is selected, could u update this to every now and then leave screen for a while, to make it look even more legit afk
  9. im using telegrab as looting and ranging with cannon, it rarely happens, but every now and then it missclicks and enters the cage and just dies.. so if its possible to make it notice when its inside and leave??
  10. yo Czar ive found a new thing script is working just awesome, but been using alot at caged ogres and 2 times ive found my acc stuck inside the cage trying to refill cannon wich is impossible because it doesnt realise its inside cage pretty sure this missclick to go inside happend because of lag... buut is this somehow fixable, making script notice if inside cage and leave?? edit:: or even just logout after couple of failed attempts?
  11. typo? cus mine says were at 253.0 now also, could you add bastion pot support? wud be awesome while tanking at those places with bad safespots..
  12. Mad Jew


    You still working on making it to work in mirror mode? Would be awesome to lower ban rates..
  13. just google "osrs attack xp quests" they will all appear on osrswiki, next google your "osrs xp table" wich will tell you wich level you will land at with the quests you gonna do.
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