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  1. bump, still looking for a few more
  2. Requirements I need is 8 magic and 25hp. Willing to buy atleast 10 of those accounts for now and maybe more in the future.
  3. Multiple accounts with 8 magic and 25 hp.
  4. Looking for MTA ready accounts. Pm me or leave a reply. Thanks
  5. can i get a trial? would love to try it for a few hours on some accounts
  6. can i get a trial pls?
  7. Looking for accounts with bone voyage quest completed and without any registered email. No other stats or quests needed Post replies or pm me. Thank you
  8. Would like to try this, auth please thanks
  9. Hey man, i'm adding you because i'm a looking for a private zulrah script and would like to know if you would be interested in doing it. As it stands, the script would need to have: - Auto-banking and resupplying. If it does not have enough supplies in the bank it should buy them using its cash or logout if no cash is available. - Input for minimum and maximum hours the bot should play per day. It would then choose a random value between those 2 and it would play those hours in a day. It must also take breaks in between the chosen time value. Let me know how possible is it to code something like this. - A good anti-ban (humanlike behaviour, I’ll leave those details to you since you might have some experience in coding something like this) - A nice and informative GUI. - In case of ban, it should send an email to an email account determined by myself.
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