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  1. Title. Pm me for prices. BTC or 07 at 0.7$/m
  2. The Plug

    Dog Bully

    How bored were you
  3. Yes u can try to get it unbanned, google "rs ban appeal"
  4. Also I edited it to 5days Discord : Jorge#3521 if interested
  5. Someone made 2 of those accounts for me in less than 3,5days
  6. yes i can give money enough for them
  7. What does it say when you try to open it?
  8. Can you pm me your discord, you need to add the #numbers next to your name on discord.
  9. Yeah because osbot is the only possible place to bot kurasks on
  10. Deja vu to something im not gonna mention
  11. still looking for more people!
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