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  1. The overhead of virtualization is only going to consume more resources, not free any up.
  2. You need some fairly decent specs to run 30-50 clients, Raspberry Pi would struggle to run 2 clients out of the box and a VPS with the required specifications would be economically inefficient in comparison to a dedicated server.
  3. 9 of them with same stats +- 1
  4. I've got a few of these range tank accs with bare minimums met for Ava's. ~8 QP (Animal magnetism + prereqs) No bans
  5. Threw this up on 10 accs when testing Explv's OSBot manager. Kind of forgot about them but 6 of the accounts are sat at Karamja lobsters with ~1.8k-2.2k lobsters each after letting them go for about 12 hours and they're still going. Of the other 4 accs, 3 got banned and 1 died at around 28 fishing. Fairly stable script - with some sort of handling for when under attack + muling support for supplying bots/collecting lobsters you're farm ready.
  6. loop7


    Welcome, best of luck getting your farm going. Botting is so much harder than it used to be, I'm just getting started as well - hopefully you find something that works for you.
  7. loop7

    Bot ideas

    Every time the game undergoes a minor tweak/update, many of the bots functions will be broken/buggy until those variables are correctly accounted for. It is far easier to keep a script for a specific task/set of tasks maintained as opposed to massive AIO everything script. In theory sure it is possible, though highly impractical.
  8. On top of what has already been mentioned, if you're using a VPS per bot and all of the VPS's IPs are sequential/from the same block, you're going to get chain banned if farming.
  9. I've been getting crushed on agility as well, specifically rooftops. Premium scripts from several vendors/clients as well as a 1 off private script for progressive rooftops, survival rate is basically 0 with any extensive use personally. Agility courses on the other hand... I've been able to make out pretty well by botting them sparingly (maybe 1-3 hours at a time). Still get banned a lot, though it is nowhere near the death sentence that rooftops have been.
  10. I'm of the opinion that it would be kind of silly to think that the footprint left by botting multiple accounts on the same IP would be ignored, it is one of the most obvious & traceable footprints one can leave behind.
  11. loop7

    Dragon slayer

    I'm in search of someone to do dragon slayer on a few accounts with 150+ total melee stats, please post or PM to get in touch. Paying via GP
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