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  1. Been running this script for a while now. For anyone wondering, went in with a fresh account with only 35 magic for fire bolt, 10 hp and some gear. No anti-fire shield. Eventually got 10 defence too for better mage armour. Currently 56 mage and 40hp. Saving all the bones and loot. 89kc vissy. Definitely some ideas for improvement. 1 - Ferox Enclave support with ring of dueling instead of games necklace, can use pools to regen stats. 2 - Bot seems to just logout instead of picking the spell to use if runes are in bank after a trip. Maybe add an option to choose what spell to u
  2. Easily one of the best and my favorite scripts available. Done favour with Arceuus, Pisc and Hosidius. Worked perfectly with all 3, did bandages with Shayzien until I was high enough to kill lizardmen manually. Lovakengj mining I just cant be bothered with
  3. Can I get a trial please ?
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