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  1. Says no ID required in this post. Still asks for ID in website, So i sent it anyway, a cropped version so not giving away my details. message back saying they need to see all four corners, so i sent it with my details covered. Get a message back saying trade has be canceled and they will refund me (YET TO SEE REFUND) apparently my details dont match? they do, name on my card to my DL ID even to my bloody email. beware, think they might be side hustling IDS for fraudulent purposes. BTW the trade was for $47 USD... is ID really required. Ive brought over 10x tha
  2. this script is 15/10 mate! pretty amazing
  3. let me see what you got. can pay osrsgp/btc
  4. bit of info botted 8 - 12 hours straight around 5/6 times with 2 to 4 hours break inbetween them before getting banned, muling after each botting period, paid for the bond of the account and some XD, was in the proccess of starting up a second account that got banned also but thats alright, i knew the risk haha!
  5. EDIT MY MISTAKE - 3. Hotkey configurations If you experience that the script doesn't eat, switch gear, or perform other needed interactions with tabs; the problem is likely one or more missing hotkeys. Go to your hotkey settings ingame and ensure that hotkeys are set for all the main tabs (Inventory, Equipment, Magic, Prayers, Quest etc.) or simply reset them to the default settings.
  6. used blackjack as it is only in beta and experimental, will be amazing when finished, still faster and better then me at blackjack. 10/10 only use your scripts for everything.
  7. should have cannon support :L i use this via perfect fighter and it has cannon support
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