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  1. Like $15 at the most, if ur lucky and find someone that needs a pure. :P
  2. Skull

    Wyvern alt

    72* And still 100m sounds pricey. All it needs it decent melee which is very easy afkable.
  3. Skull

    78 rc 60-70 agil

    Looking for an accont with 78 rc and 60-70 agil, prefer it to have full graceful but thats not as important at 78 rc. Other stats doesnt really matter, pm if you have any acc like this.
  4. Trial please? Nvm bought script, works like a charm so far in woodcutting guild Banned after 2 hours wcing yews at guild, 5 min breaks
  5. So how is this script people? Gp/hr?
  6. Skull

    Perfect Agility

    How does this script work with seers village teleporting? Trial avaible?
  7. Would absolutely love a trial for this script, looking for a RC script that can run abyss well.
  8. Order: BA Queen Kill Price: FREE Have you contacted Asuna?: Yes through skype. Agree to ToS?: Yes
  9. I tried the trial that was given to me, and all I can say is FLAWLESS. Best hunter script out there imo, will for sure buy this script sometime!
  10. Skull

    Khal AIO Agility

    Hey id like to test this script, can you throw me a trial?
  11. Can i have a trial? my osbot id is: 26724 Thanks
  12. Whetever settings i try nothing happens, like 10 mins ago it actually mined, now it does nothing. EDIT: Seems to work now but kinda makes my osbot lag after the GUI is shown :p
  13. what happend to this cript? gets stuck everywhere and just stands there infron of the rock
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