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  1. Cons - 40 qp - no membership 2 pics of bank/stats https://imgur.com/a/SdF90UV
  2. Will go first if you have more feedback, Can pay via Cashapp, or venmo feel free to comment or pm me for my discord
  3. maxed melee 99 range 75 pray with rigour if needed will have supplies set up pm me or leave ur discord below if interested, thank you
  4. will provide gear post prices below only looking for trusted users thanks also will be paying in gp
  5. dont care what is has just an extra account TRUSTED USERS ONLY POST PRICES or pm would prefer no current set emails etc
  6. will do for 2m if still needed pm me
  7. title says it all, looking only for trusted users please name your amount and leave your discord below and feel free to pm me
  8. title says it all must be trusted need done asap
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