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  1. 80gp/xp for Agility can start today Disc: deaugh#9823
  2. deaugh

    Levels needed

    o? how much xp do you need we can discuss
  3. deaugh

    Levels needed

    95m for 80-85 agility can start rn Discord: Senpai#3032
  4. deaugh

    77 to 80 fishing

    10m, can start rn deaugh#9823 is my disc
  5. I can do woodcutting for 7m done by today
  6. hola

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. deaugh


      You added me on discord saying you would sell csgo skin?

    3. Fratem


      Nope, not me

    4. deaugh


      Oh i guess it was a scammer, alright ty for confirming :)

  7. add me on discord Senpai#4459 or dm me
  8. deaugh

    Mage Arena 2

    I spend most of my days in wildy recently, and literally big and little teams camp people trying to get that mage cape, you risk quite a lot in runes going out so 10m for effort is kind of reasonable.
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