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  1. mank


    Social Media companies are to blame, imo. When people are spoon fed content that some algorithm determines they might like, non stop whenever they are on it, then its only a matter of time before people believe what they are reading. My brother is a victim of it. He went from a rational person to a person who is shouting conspiracy theories. It's crazy.
  2. Can I get a trial?
  3. Sorry to hear about your main, but it won't be too hard to get back to a good starting point. I suggest getting base 40 mele stats and 43 prayer and NMZ up until base 70 and then continue using this for combat / slayer training. That shouldn't take you more than a week, although it will cost a little bit of gold to achieve. Good luck, and if you need help you can always drop me a private message.
  4. In one of the sub sections there is a program by project pact that will remove all of the files. I suggest doing that after any ban. I have never experienced any bans relating to this script, but I have with some poorly designed ones lately. I would suggest getting VIP for the mirror mode with this script and attempt to blend in rather than stick out, like doing quests like fremmy trial to get the helms and get a defender rather than a d med and obsidian shield.
  5. I am unsure why you are so unlucky, people have gotten very high slayer levels using this. Did you delete your jagex game folders after each ban?
  6. Any chance that you could add an option to set up the fight zone using the minimap instead of on-screen @Czar
  7. Anyone else having an issue cutting short bows? It cuts arrow shafts instead for some reason.
  8. mank

    Stealth Quester

    The new GUI threw me off and took me a few minutes to properly setup. This seems much better than the old version, thanks token.
  9. I would not start with python as the syntax is completely different than any c like languages that you will eventually find yourself doing. I would personally started with Java and then moved to C# during 2008.
  10. Thanks, I didn't know he already knew. @Czar can we have an update on the memory leak?
  11. mank

    Bank Organizer

    Works as advertised and it's pretty amazing. I have a pretty big bank so it took a little while to clean. Good job Project!
  12. Knowing Czar it will be fixed very shortly, in the meantime, I highly suggest his motherlode script. Slower xp rates, however its pretty laid back.
  13. I am experiencing a memory leak when I choose the screen select for ores. I am not using mirror mode and I have tried low cpu mode. It will do fine up until it has to drop and the client completely freezes up and I have to stop the processes. I do not have any logger output because the client locks up.
  14. I purchased this today, it's a really fantastic addition to my collection. I had one issue trying to mine limestone, I tried to select them on screen and it wouldn't show or allow me to select them. Also, the location preset for limestone doesn't show up. Besides that, I really like this script.
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