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  1. I had the same issue, was down to a bad proxy. Try loading without one if you're not already. Also recommend trying to ping the proxy also.
  2. I'm using Windows 10 Pro, the operating system shouldn't be an issue. I think it's the fact that it's running on a Dell Poweredge server. Yeah I have an auto cleaner for that
  3. I've tried about 15 proxy providers, everything from rotating proxies & static residential proxies to cheap datacentre ones. All seem to have the same thing in common, they all get locked or banned shortly after tutorial island, even if done by hand. I think Jagex could be grabbing my servers system information and that's why the bans are coming in so hard. I can bot for days on my home PC before bans.
  4. You could probably run 2 if you used a really efficient Linux operating system. I used Ubuntu LXDE and a single client could run under 500MB of RAM on most scripts if not better. If you can get it this low, you could try getting a few PI Zero's and running one client off each as they are only $5-6 a piece. Raspberry PI Zero link: https://shop.pimoroni.com/products/raspberry-pi-zero?variant=3147270586378&currency=GBP&utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=google+shopping?utm_source=google&utm_medium=surfaces&utm_campaign=shopping&gclid=CjwKCAjwoc_8BRAcEiwAzJevtcO4sjIsIjQ26zvrjvqzrxu775tr63m7qkxJw_axsS_mDiEtbpkT3RoCCEgQAvD_BwE
  5. Hey, Just wondering if Jagex can detect the system that the game is being run on. I have suspicions because when I run my bots on my home server they seem to get banned and locked incredibly quickly (10-20mins). This includes when I create custom scripts too or I use reputable scripts from for example Khal or Czar that otherwise normally have a decent ban rates. Also if this is a problem what's the best way to spoof my system settings and MAC address, I know there are many options to choose from. I also auto clean Jagex random files, use residential proxies for each account (tested them too) so that's why I've come to this conclusion. Thank you.
  6. Ah I haven't botted MMF for a while, lots of other P2P methods though But I think that membership is the way to go for small farms, not F2P.
  7. You should keep botted accounts separate from accounts you play on, I never recommend botting on a main also. The accounts will get banned so no point wasting time doing other things with it. Quite a big difference according to some, if you're running only a few bots (less than 5) use mirror mode. It will eat through your computers resources though that's why I use injection. Mirror mode is also only for VIP members of OSBOT.
  8. The trade limit can be bypassed by buying membership (or redeeming twitch prime membership). You can buy membership really cheap off certain websites/discords too, like $2 for 14 days or so. You can also buy bonds from people for like $3-4 on this site. Membership is well worth the investment, for example you buy membership for 14 days costs $2, then you run a script (preferably a paid one of SDN or a private one). In P2P, low level methods such as Mort Myre Fungus can easily net 400k-600k GP and hour. If the selling rate for gold is about $0.5 (this is an estimate based on a few places, you could probably find someone who'll give you a bit more) then you'd make your money back in only 4-5 hours of botting. If you're careful and don't suicide bot the account you could easily keep in running for a week or two (up to the 14 days you paid for). By that time you'd have been able to make a hell of a lot more than your invested. In short higher risk but higher reward, I recommend trying it with only 1-2 accounts to start with. Also something else I should mention is you can wait for twitch prime to come around. It's free membership if you have an amazon prime account linked to your twitch, 7 and 14 day membership codes from twitch prime are sold for around 400k-500k GP if you don't have an account. Good luck, I hope this helped!
  9. Ok, just making sure because I wanted to buy some and didn't want to upset anyone
  10. True, but people think they're safe so they are worth more. You are 100% correct though, it can be done if a seller keeps the proxy it can be recovered based on the creation IP.
  11. Hey, Just wondering what 60-60-60 (att-str-def) combat stats in f2p are worth, I've seen them go for about 5m-8m OSRS GP. Thank you
  12. Really accounts should be created on the same IP as you run them on, to avoid account locking. For suicide bots datacenter proxies are fine but for P2P bots you should invest in a few residential proxies. If however you are only running your main account then do it on your home IP. Also selling accounts with a registered email is a lot harder also so if just farming gold then unlocking is fine, however if you plan on selling the account people will pay far far less because it can be recovered.
  13. Not if you're creating tutorial island accounts but yes if you are using them to bot generally, this is because Jagex can see IP changes and it's obvious that you are using a rotating proxy if it changes every x amount of minutes/hours.
  14. It really depends on how close the proxies are together, your account will be locked if you you use a proxy in the UK and then instantly change to a proxy in India for example. Also using residential proxies will decrease detection but no real player switches IP a lot. Rotating proxies should only be used for making mass tutorial island accounts from personal experience as they just get locked or disabled straight off tutorial island. You can set up residential proxies using a Raspberry PI(s) however so they can be quite cheap if you know what you're doing
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