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  1. Funniest shit ive read, he's trying to bot but has never played hahahaha
  2. Hey mate had ur script for many years now never have asked for anything to be added, but it would be amazing if you could add option to take adventruer johns path, as there are some new scripts that you can start straight out of tut island to get you decent stats using just solo self found items, thanks !
  3. edgy


    Awesome i might have to try it out ! Thanks for adding
  4. edgy


    i trained to 53 ranged on runelite before trying this and never once let me cannon run out as it slows it down, only time i might have is when i was focused on something else, maybe 1 out of 10 refills, i hated hearing the windows sound when it ran out, doubt anyone wants to hear it every 30 seconds, sounds like the guys ur talking about are fully afk training whilst training another account or something
  5. edgy


    thankyou ! is it not unhuman like to wait for the cannon to run out of cannon balls every time? i feel like humans would never do this as it stops for like 5 seconds each time, therefor less xp/h
  6. edgy


    Can i pleez has a trial !
  7. Yeah Same, think it might be osbot
  8. Yeah we are waiting for him to fix it now @Cooldudezxc the gui is not opening
  9. When i try to use new version nothing happens, no gui even comes up. This is what the logger does lol...
  10. gets stuck at closing bank at lumbridge
  11. 20m considering your 100% going to scam I lol'd
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