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  1. had a main once.. botted over a period of 4 months .. back in the days .. logged in to check if everythings ok .. logged out, after 5 hours or something like that try to log in .. and for my "suprise" i recieved a ban. .. only a 2 day ban never botted on him since then ..
  2. ffs, would choose a damn Pizza with Tomatoes, salad, chesse, bacon .. and yeah..
  3. used Shrooms once .. me and my best friend went out snowboarding using a skateboard ..lmao
  4. the fuck .. lmao this guy is pissing this mod off xD
  5. Add me on Discord, we can Talk there if you want.
  6. tipsi topsi fella, nice.
  7. Welcome to Osbot sir! Feel free to join our Discord if you need any help!
  8. kr0nex


    Welcome to our big and Friendly community!
  9. didnt recieved the ban due NMZ .. was a fail of myself.. But thanks for responding ! king regards, kr0nex
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