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  1. Does it just stop and log out?
  2. @Charlotte 's build is good But I would go for the 1600x instead of the 1600 Also get cheaper RAM, case and GPU
  3. If you have unlimited budget I wouldn't go with ddr3 because it limits your choice of CPU
  4. Oh I just noticed you plan on using DDR3 I'd go with an i7-4xxxk then
  5. Massive hmm Ryzen CPUs are better for multitasking so I suppose those would be your best option but don't take my word for it. You'll also need a cheap gpu because they don't have integrated graphics
  6. First of all, how many bots do you plan on running? I can run 4 bots fine on an old Dell Optiplex with an i3 and 4GB ddr3
  7. What if you do Abyss and someone 1-shots you? Does it continue? If you wear graceful and that happens, does it go pick it up?
  8. I never heard of ammonite crabs before I saw this script. Decided to unlock fossil island and buy this script. No regrets since, great xp per hour and script is flawless
  9. Hit 99 firemaking using this on multiple accounts flawless script, big vouch
  10. Yeah it got logged out a few times, idk what caused it because I'm not babysitting it the whole time At least it's better than doing this manually lol
  11. UPDATE: Started the script for oak larders using demon butler with the demon butler waiting with 20 planks instead of 24 and that seems to work fine
  12. Sure The progressive worked really well and got me from 1-50 in about on hour so that works well
  13. Yes, I did that. Is there a specific spot you need to stand on next to the object? I'll try the 20 planks that @mini tity suggested when I have enough gold
  14. So I'm doing oak larders using the butler, works fine for around 5 minutes, after that I get stuck at this dialogue: Restarted three times and three times it happened after around 5 minutes of running
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