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  1. Juggles can you message me?? I am having a hard time with your AIO Fighter.....it is not allowing me to even type anything on the "use food" the "use potions" and everything else EXCEPT the NPC name.....so when I start it with only being able to type that in it does absolutely nothing. Please help!

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    2. Juggles


       Said you're setting it up wrong. Not that you're making it up 

    3. OffDaMauly


      Brother how can I be setting it up wrong when it DOESNT let me even punch in any of the information FOOD, POTS, LOOTS ETC......ONLY thing it allows me to type in is the NPC name....the other boxes just act as if they are highlighted and can't be written on...

    4. Juggles


      You are using the Lite version. You can only type in the name. It will only kill monsters and eat tuna. Nothing else. 

      For more access, purchase the premium version for $9.99

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