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  1. I click that link and theres a spot to report it? Also will do when I get off work thanks. Also bought the last one for 300m would be willing to pay maybe upto 800m this time more if it's worth it? Although I want a more trusted person and I want more details so I can recover it if need be. I just dont have the time to start over again
  2. I'm willing to give 350M for 2nd account

  3. Looking to purchase an ironman acc 1600-1800 total bought one on here 360 days ago and got it upto 1769 total but it was scammed back and I dont want to start over again.
  4. heintzman


    Discord not working could you pm me your discord with any capitalization and maybe a ss of stats. Scratch that copied it from your profile and it worked.
  5. heintzman


    i have not received any pms.
  6. heintzman


    Looking to get back into an ironman account huge regrets about deironing. Do not want to have to redo all the starting stuff looking for one that has already let me know what you have if youre trusted ill go first.
  7. @tumblez here ya are mate: http://www.fruityscripts.com/zulrah/loot/
  8. @Fruity Whatever you last update did undo it lol. In 350 kills I havnt even come close to dying, today i just died back to back.
  9. Never mind the GP section its not working but here is my log. Working great for me no prayer errors or dying or just hanging out.
  10. would you consider making this work with home tele/fairy ring? Since I have a pool and ring in my house with lumby hard diary done it is the most cost effective way for me to get to zulrah.
  11. ive been running this script flawlessly for 1-3 hours at a time for the past three days no issues at all here.
  12. I requested a trial so I can test it before I go for 99 if i get the trail ill post one.
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