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  2. Evn

    Buying gold

    How much you looking for?
  3. mac address is basically a Caller ID in ur computer say you play osrs jagex can see ur computer playing it , if you change ur mac then its basically a different computer playing it
  4. okay i figured it out finally lol took a moment but it wouldnt even let me download it from the actual website for awhile . thanks bro appreciate all the help you've brought here.
  5. Evn

    Khal AIO Agility

    Banned using script in only 5 hours which i thought was odd because everyone else had great reviews, first time i botted on my main and used the API other than that i loved the script
  6. Hey man your random.dat file deleted my Jagexlauncherexe and i cannot recover it any help? can't open osrs client and cannot redownload it from website ?
  7. This guide is for players who are new to botting or just would like a little simple Insight. I think the first thing that should be stated is that no matter what you do there is still a HIGH chance of being banned but this is mainly because of the botting teams jagex has rolled in under there belt. There botting teams can detect multiple ways people can be traced back to Botting . consider this if youre constantly getting accounts banned #1 Time i think botting on any account for over 5-6 hours a day will make it a high risk factor into being banned,as many people irl do not have all the time in the world to play . personally i have about 10 different bots i run a day , none exceeding 6 hours on each account. No more than 2 accounts at a time unless im using a Proxy which i will also explain down below. #2 Mirror Mode/Proxy servers Both of these items will help you stay hidden and safe. Jagex's botting team can track what client you're using to play the game. This is why mirror mode can be so helpful because you're still playing the game on the oldschool client and controlling it off of OSBOT. Making it harder for the Team to track if you're botting or actually playing the game. Proxy servers are going to help out players who would like to bot on multiple accounts at once, I usually run 2-3 accounts per proxy server . A proxy server can be used to Hide Your IP Address. Making it almost impossible for jagex to tell if all of these accounts are being played on the same IP. #3 Dont Be Cheap The premium scripts cost money for a reason, they are a lot better and have alot more advanced services. i recommend using only purchased scripts for longer lifetime of accounts. If you want a private scripts, theres scripters on here that would be more than happy to help just take a look around. IF anyone else would like to add feel free, once again these are just things i feel like everyone botting should know.
  8. Can someone explain to me how your account was banned for macro before, unbanned, then only given a 1 day ban ? my first ban on the account i just lost was a perm ban and it was my main acc
  9. Could i get a 24 hour trial please ? If all runs smooth i will most likely purchase this as you do make the #1 scripts
  10. Slayer Script Trial please ? Been looking for one that is good and so far i love your scripts !
  11. Hey man just thought id ask to post another screenshot of your stats so we can see how well you're progressing in the time, this caught my eye and i may try running the same sripts/ random break times to help prevent traces of "routines"
  12. Evn

    AIO Yew Chopper

    purchased VIP just for this wcing script on yews and when i try setting it up it stops right after i start . any help?
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