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  1. You guys are the biggest shit talkers get off your chair and learn how to understand some sarcasm and exaggeration in your life.
  2. You guys would never say the shit your saying to me in real life, im completely right and willing to argue it.
  3. Obviously I dont know shit compared to most people, but theres no way that all bots have the same ban rates lmao, you dont know what your talking bout.
  4. Obviously higher botted areas have higher ban rates so I dont know where you get that from. This ban rate would be non existent because it has never been botted before and they don't know to even check for these.
  5. Who the heck cares about the cost, buy jugs of wine if you care about cost, only 3gp per wine in cost. If your botting then you probably shouldn't mind spending more to not get banned if this is so ban proof.
  6. You start it on two accounts, one is the eater one is the trainer. All it will do is go to duel arena withdraw a inventory full of food challenge another player on the other bot and they will fight eachother, one account will train on the other account till they run out of food and then repeat. Can be good xp an hour and ban rate has to be non existent right? For way more xp an hour you can use saradomin brews.
  7. Can i trial? done using free scripts mine glitched out and got me banned.
  8. I have a at home job, selling on ebay and other various things, its just on my second monitor i barely pay attention to it but am always looking at it in the back of my eye.
  9. Always get these events when im botting, i babysit like 24/7 so i always do them and never turn them away, but thoughts on this being a big part of their bot detection? Accounts that dont respond to them are probably flagged and reviewed.
  10. Yea its amazing, I used it for like 10 99s back in the day then the script just disappeared I had multiple scripts I made for every skill. Does anything else like this exist?
  11. Anyone have a clue on whatever happened to this script? It was amazing and you can make any script with it with no knowledge of scirpting.
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