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  1. Barnie

    Stealth Quester

    Yes the quest was completed by the script. i have 100% house favor with all houses, and i have done the kourend quests that are included in the script
  2. Barnie

    Stealth Quester

    Hello are there anyway to mark a quest as complete? it completed the Ascent of arceuus but it's not crossed out.
  3. Barnie

    BravoTacos SOS

    Does this script work or?
  4. Barnie

    Bank Organizer

    For me it's not starting at all, no error message or anything.
  5. Barnie

    2 day bans

    Yeah i got a 2 day ban on my account. But i'm still botting hard. I strongly recommend mirror mode if you want to but and survive!
  6. Flawless script on stealth injection, got all the fishing trawler peaces. Definitely going to buy when it's released!
  7. thanks a lot mate
  8. May i have a trail please as well?
  9. I have 100% favor in all houses thanks to this script.
  10. Barnie

    Perfect Agility

    Mirror mode are absolutely recommended!
  11. Barnie

    Khal AIO Agility

    It's not about xp =). It's about them tokens for graceful recolor =D
  12. you'll have to make to script teleport to camelot when you use the Catherby allotments. So choose Camelot tab instead of Catherby tab.
  13. I have been using it for a while. Seems to work well.
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