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  1. Damn. This is amazing congratulations both of you. PS: How far do you live from each other? (Not being creepy)
  2. Protein Shakes cause liver damage and such. (It warns you about it on the can) PS: facetrain yourself. I Believe they already have this, Its called "Imagination". I Agree with you a LOT of people drink this crap, and yet they don't understand not only is this bad for your health, but after about 2-3 months of not working out they will deflate. My advice to you is build up naturally, eat a lot of protein, and forget about that protein shake crap.
  3. Don't use protein powder. Its bad for you...
  4. Buying Rs3 Gold Need Around 200m Buying For 42. A Mill Add my skype :itheban13 Will NOT go first. need rs3 desperately !!
  5. Vlad

    Elo Boosting

    I'm plat 2 currently how long will it take to get to D5?
  6. Vlad


    damn.. i thought i had no life :l i thought i had no life :l
  7. http://gyazo.com/689f24579974f6735099f75c7c09beb7 bond pls.
  8. Keep your head high, at least that is what I did..
  9. http://gyazo.com/9bc6cedc8404921aecad60cc4ffbf273
  10. the feels.. my dad got pulled over because he was going like 70 in a 65 zone :l
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