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  1. Thanks a lot. Bot-like names definitely result in more reports though which affects ban rates.
  2. @Khaleesiscript is working really well, however I am ending up with lots of very botlike usernames. It seems to enter 4 digits only and then select one of the autosuggested names. Would you be able to improve this please? For example, allow us to define a list of usernames which we have generated and pick at random; if it's in use it could then choose another from the list. Alternatively you could come up with a generator based on real data from the highscores or a username dump etc. Would probably be better and less likely to attract attention if the user could control though. Thanks!
  3. 12 hours in a day is pretty difficult for a legit player, your account was probably flagged. I guess you didn't use any breaks in the 6 hour runs either?
  4. Buy a small VPS from a company not commonly used for rs botting. Set that VPS up as a proxy server
  5. Is your server's firewall blocking outgoing connections?
  6. I've never had any issues with their service, in fact, they've always been great for me.
  7. I have used OVH in the past, although not their game servers specifically. At first glance it seems quite expensive for the hardware they are offering, but the extras, such as DDOS protection and their customer service, perhaps justify the higher price.
  8. Why would you suicide bot flax??? You'd get banned way before you even made a dent in the bond cost. Suiciding is only good in f2p these days.
  9. WillOSB

    NMZ Mains

    Buy both accounts now - 45m for both.
  10. WillOSB

    NMZ Mains

    accs nows at 63 str - but no members days left.
  11. WillOSB

    NMZ Mains

    1. Pictures of the account stats Acc 2: 2. Pictures of the login details * Accounts may or may not come with some members days left 3. Pictures of the total wealth (if there is any) ~100k +100k nmz points and rock cake 4. Pictures of the quests completed 7. The methods of payment you are accepting OSRS GP only - Bids start 20m Autowin 30m 8. Your trading conditions You go first, or we use an MM. 9. Pictures of the account status 10. Original/previous owners AND Original Email Address I am the OO of both accounts - both never had an email set.
  12. Uh....He's asking for a price check on an account ready to bot barrows...with the stats and quests he has stated.
  13. Bump - had an offsite bid for 6m per acc in bulk... This has now been withdrawn. Latest bid per account is 8m I still need 10+ accounts made!
  14. Probably salty old Jagex reporting it to Eset
  15. Yes it's blacklisted by Eset.
  16. I only use Discord now: Will#0760
  17. Looking for people to make Avas accounts for me. I will provide fresh level 3s - tutorial island done. You supply the bond/any training supplies. Accounts needed: 10+ Quote me a price Quests: Animal Magnetism Quest Line Full quests list: Ava's: The restless ghost Ernest the chicken Priest in peril Animal magnetism Stats: 50 ranged (36 wc, 31 crafting, 18 slayer) < slightly higher wc and crafting needed for later on. *Accounts can have additional stats for combat/mage/skills - but will not factor into the final price* Payment methods: Rsgp only. Discord - Will#0760 ToS: - Your supplies and bond(s). it will be part of the final payment. - You will receive a fresh registered account, Hand trained preferred - can be botted but any bans result in no payment. - If highly trusted I will go first, otherwise you have to go first or we will use a MM. - I have the right to ask for a cool down up to 7 days, before payment - - If you're willing to go first, you will receive the payment after the service is fully completed (that includes the cool down). - In case of a ban, I will be fully refunded. ~Credit to Ninjadguy for TOS
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