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  1. hey man im trying nature rune rc and its not working at all the abyss is broken... it also gets stuck at the mage and just stands there. https://gyazo.com/67fa01a89c71eb1457620c06a05e1db3
  2. may i get a trial just getting back into osbot again browsing some premium scripts.
  3. Is there a way to purchase scripts with 07 gold from you?
  4. - Script name: AIO Crafter - Your member number (hover over your name to see it): I can't find it ive messaged you about it.
  5. does it only work properly in mirror mode "which i dont have" because im having the circle issue in the west mining area on floor and it miss judges the ladder thinks it has climbed it but it hasn't and will spam click the above area.
  6. czar if u rin the script it will get stuck there only 3 mins in i cant edit a screenshot yet to hide my name or i would show also the ladder is still not working ;\
  7. updated script still is not working properly was such an amazing script before first break
  8. it's trying to work but it still wont go down the ladder and if its 1 square off it wont go up the ladder either. nor will it bank ores
  9. thanks czar, just incase the upstairs still wasn't working would get caught at ladders.
  10. the script all together is barley working now. :\
  11. i did i restarted 3 times i even tried starting it up the ladder
  12. sorry it's working but the upstairs mode is not working i sat for 5 hours in the same spot "i had to go to work" it stands 1 tile away from the ladder and never goes up.
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