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Hey there, 

Now I got banned approximately one year ago (May 2015) for botting and got banned for idk 1 or 2 days and my ban meter went half way up.

I recently rejoined RS and got banned again (Because my Ban meter got reset) and it went half way up again (2 Day ban and it says next time u commit the offence you will be perm banned).


So my two questions are:

How often does the ban meter reset (Or is it even supposed to reset)

and also:

If my ban meter goes back down; and i get get banned for botting; will it be temp or perm lol



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this is a subject that no one of us really know


things we do know


2-dan ban expires after 1 year. it will remain on your account but the meter will go back to 0

if you bot after the reset, many ppl have gotten perms, some have gotten a 2-day


it might be the same as if you have never gotten one, since that is mostly random aswell, we don't really know

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I've had a mix of perm bans after resets and 2 days, a lot of it seems to be in correlation with what you're botting at that point... For example i've had accounts bot to train stats and get a couple 2 days, but i've also had accounts bot range guild and get perms after the meter resets, it really seems random except for that. Also, i feel like membership affects it, f2p or once p2p but now f2p accounts seem to be permed more often in my experience.

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