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  1. you meant terrance, you know, that hood ass black guy who sat behind you in math class and always smelled like a french whore and white-grape rellos.
  2. LOTS of trial and error. Often times, instead of expecting not to get banned, adapt then mentality of "how can i maximize my profit and the longevity of my account before it gets banned?". Like solace said, LOTS of trial and error. I've had accounts banned after 10 hrs of botting, and I also have accounts that I've been botting for months now. Private scripts help a lot. The rest is really just gathering data and experimenting. Best of luck to you, and welcome.
  3. I've got 2 different pk built accounts I use as "protectors" for a few of my accounts due to the fact they're in the wilderness. Occasionally i'll hop in a pvp world or bh and slay some people with them, not much fun though. Honestly I hate the game, it's so damn tedious and boring now, which is sad because i use to love it. Someone once told me the best way to ruin something is to throw money at it, guess he was right
  4. let's hope they do skull on you but hit low! and phew i need to make a low level mauler O.O
  5. haha i've got a tome account laying around :P at high 30's i was constantly hitting 39, absolutely ridiculous
  6. lol you're about to find out what a tome pure is, and all the dirty things he'll do to you :P
  7. Is this usually followed by a quick anger, then either looking at your bank full of useless junk, logging off, then feeling lost in life and depressed for a couple weeks, you begin taking dramatic walks looking for your purpose?
  8. Treat rs more like a business. Most people don't want to spend several hours managing different servers, bots, programs, etc.. Once you begin to actually hate rs game play, which i know happened for me a long time ago, you'll quit staking. My biggest loss was a bit over 3b. I know the struggle haha, you play, you're like "yeah i'll build this acc the right way, not gonna stake or risk fight" then it becomes "well i'll stake and risk fight a little bit when i can afford it, but never all of my money." then it turns into "let's yolo one!" then you usually win, or you win some big ones in a row, put it all in, and you lose.
  9. Anyone know of any good resources to get a better grasp, both theoretical and practical, of virtualization? Thanks
  10. Does anybody know how big of an industry RWT is on Runescape? And how big of an industry rwt is all together? That being black market, so minus games like clash of clans etc where you can buy it directly from the gaming company
  11. It all started on a cool, damp winter evening in West Michigan. As I stood guard out front of my mid 1970's house, the crisp air freshened my lungs between long, dramatic drags off of my harsh camel filter 99. After wishing my dear camel a farewell, I made my way through the garage, littered with tools, beer cans, and despair. Swaggering through the garage, clad in nothing more than my cotton bath robe, I came to an abrupt halt as I smashed my knee upon the baby-blue, cold, steel surface of my 1967 Buick Special. I continued on my quest with complete disregard for the throbbing, sharp discomfort spreading along my leg. As I grip the slick surface of the doorknob, I produced one smooth, fluent motion, swinging the door wide open. The warm atmosphere, smelling of a rank, depression-inducing odor nearly put me on my back. The firm tile was a comforting transition from the rough pavement. I was met with surprise as the fridge door sat ajar. My goal was in sight; only to be met with yet another challenge. As I open the fridge door, the over-priced pepperoni pizza attempted an elaborate escape, only to be caught between my big and longest toe. I fastened the pesky-pastry to the lower shelf, applying the secure gravitational force of a tub of cookie dough. Alas! I gripped my Dr. Pepper, wrenched off the cap, and took one glorious, thirst-quenching chug.
  12. Thank you all for the helpful responses!
  13. Assignment #2 updated! Are surveys reliable? Explore my current findings!
  14. Yes I meant a Major what are you the master of my friend?
  15. Anybody here have a degree or working on a degree in computer science? If so, what is your focus? What could one expect when going for a CS degree? I'm currently looking into getting a masters in computer science, not entirely decided where I'd concentrate, also might accompany it with a minor in Electrical Engineering. Thanks!
  16. "Give me back my fucking banana" LOLOLOL, ps... * glances at my avatar *
  17. if this post gets 200 likes ill wear it to work and record it :')
  18. So... I bought a bathrobe, and I must say... There's nothing more glorious than free-ballin' in the comfort of your home, in nice warm fuzzy comfort. Contemplated wearing it to work @ the shop today tbh.
  19. Thanks! Make sure you keep an eye on the updates spoiler, that's where a lot of my initial work will be with setting up different accounts and researching. Once things are "up and running" full time you'll see many more updates and separate posts. Stay tuned and enjoy!
  20. Thank you! I appreciate it, and will do!
  21. Unfortunately I've developed a... mild... car addiction... https://imgur.com/a/04WkA https://imgur.com/a/8sF9p Thank you! I'm currently building my blog, eventually each platform will have a focus. OSBot will be dedicated primarily to my ventures online with a focus on scripting, my blog will be primarily focused on well... everything ( of course more complex, appealing concepts will receive more nuturing ), and social media platforms will be a touch of everything ( twitter = public figure page, instagram for pics and small vlog material, snapchat for behind-the-curtain sneakpeaks and daily life, and facebook will be a short summary of my entire journey with a focus on bigger stories and concepts)
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