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getting banned for anything...

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man every week i get banned... every bloody account... lol 


not one account goes past 80-90 and if soo i havent seen no proggies of someone doing... im not talking about 30min-1hr

im talking about 10hr proggies with 1m exp gained...


anyways jagex must have some system in place that triggers if u earn x amount of exp in x amount of time...


every account goes past 60 70 i get banned even accounts that were already in the 80-90s and i bot them they get banned..


lool idk i aint spending on this dead game no more.. can kiss my ass

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The golden bot days are over. Suicide in the weekends might work. You could try buying a private script. I really got no advice for you as almost all script will eventually get you banned. It has all come down to how lucky you are, maybe it is 1 hour or 10 days. 


true! man jus had a 85 magic pure banned jus bit boiling right now...


i botted its fishing to 68 over weekend from like lvl 45 i think, turned it off sunday morning 

(hard clue scrolls to get into fishing guild) =(((


my other pure is bloody 83 fishing and fished in the same spot for weeks.. lol 



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It really seems like everybody is getting banned right now no matter what. Jagex is really cracking down on a lot of bots. I remember back in 2010 I had several accounts botted to 99 Hunter/99 WC without any bans. I even eventually botted my main to max combat and few other 99's before receiving a temp ban.

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Are you using proxies? They might have flagged your ip.

thanks man jus sparked a light in my head!!!! wink.png


i always like to try all avenues before quitting.. im gonna change ips again as i may have used my last bit too long and

get some damn proxies in!!! 


i think right now anything to do with resource collecting, ie fish, ores, wood and runes is high risk botting.. i had woodcutting team banned beginig of weekend so i changed plans to pures and mains i still got them all 40+ with rune items...


i had one p2p ready pure jus brushing up on fishing i botted him maybe 6hrs on saturday turned off on sunday and banned today...

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