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Can't pay with paypal.

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Im trying to buy this script: http://osbot.org/forum/topic/60299-

and when i try to buy with paypal(as guest or logged in) it says we cannot use this card. Im using the prepaid visa cards, each have $50+, one has $100 on it. It says use a different card, i just want to buy the script lol. Any help?

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Try buying a voucher and using the voucher to buy the script?

Sorry but where can i find a voucher

You could make a paypal account, link the CC and buy it that way.

Or you could buy RSGP with one of those CC's and find somebody selling vouchers and get the funds that way

I tried with paypal acc linked after the first fail without pp account and it still didnt work. Ill try to find voucher though ty

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OSBot is not a US company which is probably why the cards will not work.


Try buying a voucher like @Acerd said, to buy a voucher go to the osbot store http://osbot.org/forum/store/ and you will find a box on the left hand side titled "Gift Vouchers"


If buying a voucher through the site does not work, you can buy one from osbot members in the market section of osbot, typically for Oldschool gold http://osbot.org/forum/forum/227-vouchers/

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