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Muffins Firecape Service [Mains/Zerkers] [400 + FB]

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I've done firecapes in the past for people and just never bothered to make a thread, now that it is summer, I will have time to do capes. To contact me, add me on skype @Muffinrs


Payment  I Take:


07 GP/RS3 GP


Paypal (Depends on User)


Order Form : 

What are your stats? :
Payment method? :
What is your Skype? :





I am not responsible for any bans or mutes

You must have the minimum stats to do the firecape in we will discuss upon ordering along with price

All OSBot Global TOS Apply




Every setup will be different depending on stats, contact me for which gear setup would be best before placing an order.




Like with gear, prices change for stats, let me know what your stats are before placing an order and we can come up with a price.

Capes with 75+ Range will generally be cheaper
























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Looking for a quote/s at the minute, pm me for more info or for further negotiation if neccessary smile.png


​What are your stats?: 61 Range, 62 Defence, 68 HP, 60 Prayer

Payment Method: 07 gp

What is your Skype?: Live.Sincere





cape completed

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What are your stats? : 79 Range *22k to 80*


Payment method? : 07 GP / PP EITHER

What is your Skype? : batchos11



My initiate pure as well?


What are your stats? : 34594bac2d33220ae4294714f56bc689.png

Payment method? : 07 GP/PP  your choice

What is your Skype? : batchos11


Added you on skype to discuss

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