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Best type of account?

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I'm gonna turn one of my mules into a useable account because I'm getting pretty bored of leveling my main. 

What should I make it into?


I'm kind of interested in pking on it, so i've been leaning towards a pure but i'm not sure how active pures are in the wild today...I could also go for some dueling, but i'm not sure the stats to get on a dueler that aren't 99/99/99. Also not entirely against a skiller...just would have to hear some benefits of it. Are obby maulers still relevant?? 


Help me decide??

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do an obby/skiller start with like 1 atk 40 str then get say 40 thieving or like 40 fishing then continue to get 1 atk 60 str and start the slayer grind then wheen ur at like 1 atk 70 str 55 slayer 99 thieving cape ur account would be worth more and look sexy cuz #fashionscape or if u went say the fishing route u could do barb fish and have prod str with lower hp and high agility aswell

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