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  1. Currently taking offers, biding starting at 50m and a/w at 150
  2. Will do. If you change your mind about either of these just let me know aswell, stats on account 2 are a little higher than what's shown as I afk slayer train while playing on another lol. And yeah, bike in my pic is my GSXR 600. Still new to the bike life though, got a lot of learning to do still lol.
  3. Haven't posted it yet. Still not sure if I want to sell it. It's 50 atk 80 str/range 15 pray. Idk if i'm ready to let it go yet xD Side note: Dope signature
  4. If you read the post it says bidding starts at 50, which is why i ignored the 4m bid aswell. No offence.
  5. Nah i dont sorry. Account 1 is the least I have other than a pure.
  6. Hope your luck is better than mine. I got fucked with steel drags and black demons every other task
  7. Gl im on the same journey pretty much. Couple thousand experience off 70 and my tab is around 5m, with 1-67 range cannoned
  8. RevengeHurtz

    need help

    If you're wanting to trian hp id say sand crabs. You'll have to watch it a little at first because they do hit, but just sit at a 2 spot till your hp gets a little higher, should go up pretty quick
  9. RevengeHurtz

    need help

    Depends on where your starting, sand crabs is always a good option for pures.
  10. I got banned getting 71 and i didn't bot very often. Honestly wouldnt risk it if you want to keep the account.
  11. Really want the cavs to win.. Lebron deserves rings more than anyone in the NBA right now. All these Golden State fans band wagon af lol.
  12. Most likely around 500m, but nobody is going to buy something that big from untrusted lol
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