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Remember them days...


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Remember the days when you could bot 24/7 for weeks and not be banned?

I went on holiday for 6 weeks and besides having to update the client once a week due to RS updates it just ran 24/7    RIP


Some boting methods for 24/7 logs are still possible. Trust me.

Making def tank at monks, i botted 3 months in ROW! Only breaks were that when i was working and RS was updated and bot just crashed.

Then splashing with some free AIO killer, it just turns the screen sometimes and bam. I did 1 month straight.

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aaaaand then corp bug happened

corp (mass dump)

ironman (if you get cleaned you dont buy gold anymore, you make an ironman)

new death mechanic (you can't lose bank when dying to bosses/pvm etc.)

big gambling websites (making billions a day and dumping it into the market.)

Bonds  (pussies who are scared to get banned for rwt will pay 3x more for gold)

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