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How do you know if you are banned?


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Hi guys,

Today I tried to hop worlds and while doing so I couldn't log back in with the following message: invalid username or password.

Does this mean I am banned, because back in the days you would get some kind of 'your account is disabled message'?

Thanks tongue.png


You still get the account disabled message you just inputted the incorrect username and/or password

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Well, I just changed my password because I thought I was being hacked. While doing so I recieved the following message starting with: 'Hi character name Unavailable'.

Also ingame my ingame name is something like '#PKFPSKF', not the exact ofcourse.

I also made this account like a month ago and I am 100% sure the password is right as I just changed it :P

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Not sure. Sometimes they just delete your account entirely (this happened to my friend - he couldn't log in and his username appeared as #23091u30h or whatever). Sucks ! sad.png



not if he can still log into the site to change his password tho



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