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Better to Turn World Hop Off?


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I noticed something interesting today.


I've been mining iron ore for about 4 hrs at 25k exp per hour. I just came back home and noticed something interesting with how the other bots around me were behaving. 

I watched the script run for a few minutes and noticed that many other bots would log on next to the rocks, mine a few rocks, and then log out (presumably to world hop to find a free world). While my bot stayed since I turned world hop off. 

My question is: Does world hopping waste time or save time? Since there are so many bots now, it may be difficult to find a free world and a bot could hop to all worlds and still not find a free world. This would turn into a cycle that the bot would be stuck on. 


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Really depends on how many of other bots there are, and how many of them are world hopping. If your bot constantly world hops cus of other bots. You're probably wasting time. You should do 1hrs worth of botting with world hop on. 1hrs with it off, see which has better XP rates? smile.png


That's what I was planning on doing once I hit 60 mining. 

I'll probably test that theory out in a few days and update this thread with the results. 

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