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Hey I am back


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not that anyone cares


Hey my name is Shakur and I used to be a very active poster and community member for a long time on this website.


I originally joined in July 2013 and my account was wiped and deleted on November 13th 2013 for advertising a different botting client (my account was restored sometime in 2014 and I haven't really been on since then)


Before you get mad at me, this was during a time where the developers didn't update the client for weeks and MANY people were upset and left (anyone active during this time period can vouch for this).


I've made a decent number of small time scripts (nothing crazy), live streamed, made thousands goldfarming,  and had around 1,200 posts before my account was wiped. I used to be sponsor.


I am back to stick around and get a feeling for what the botting community is like and how effective goldfarming is.


Hope you welcome me back, I plan to do a lot for the community and hopefully contribute in any way possible (I plan on attempting scripting again)



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