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TrumpScript, Make Python great again


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I is Donald Trump it time to tell you a fact
for every american there is 100000000 immigrants
trust me they are , there over there ; plan against us
if, I are fact? ; : say they want to take our guns !
America is great.

This. This is great. *wipes tear from eye*

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Thread topic is "TrumpScript" related to the presidential candidate Donald J Trump. This post is on-topic of the thread.


Botre you are from Berlin, you are seeing first hand the extreme damage and disruption nearby you from the millions of Syrian immigrants. Mass-rapes on the native women, particularly the German women. Schools telling their female pupils not to wear skirts because it might excite the migrants, it's your fault. (Most of them are not even Syrian, they are people travelling first to Syria's borders to smuggle in with the migrant wave. Vast majority are men as well, not women/children, so that totally dispells this myth of millions of families). Is Donalid really that unreasonable?


Donald Trump wants a wall on the American/Mexican border. Racist? For many years Mexico has had a wall on their south border: Mexican/Columbian border. Mexicans are not racist, they are happy to take Columbian immigrants - they just want it to be a process you apply for. Before they had this wall, there was mass crime, mass drugs flooding in. Nobody says Mexicans are racist.


But because Trump has white skin the wall must be racist, and by the way, there is already a wall across most of the border (of America/Mexico).

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