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I have ran different scripts still having the same problem with mirror mode


scripts i have ran: czar range guild and mage.



afther taking a break the bot logs back in but afther logging the script crashes/stops directly.

I have already deleted my osbot folder a couple times...


[iNFO][bot #1][02/26 11:32:34 PM]: Started random solver : BreakManager
[iNFO][bot #1][02/26 11:34:43 PM]: Random solver exited : BreakManager
[iNFO][bot #1][02/26 11:34:45 PM]: Started random solver : Auto Login
[iNFO][bot #1][02/26 11:34:50 PM]: Random solver exited : Auto Login
[iNFO][bot #1][02/26 11:34:54 PM]: Terminating script Perfect Magic...
[iNFO][bot #1][02/26 11:34:55 PM]: Script Perfect Magic has exited!


Can please some1 help me ?



Thanks in advance.



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